Recent Cod Tagging Photo Project

Below is a link to my recent work with The Nature Conservancy. During several boat trips in November and December, I documented a team of marine biologists with SMAST-UMASS-Dartmouth and Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries as they combed the western sector of Massachusetts Bay in search of spawning condition cod to tag with implantable acoustic transmitters. Their goal is to track the fish and used this data to inform future fisheries decisions. A small sample of my images were also published in the Boston Globe and other news outlets following The Nature Conservancy’s January 8 press conference in Scituate regarding the cod study. Many thanks to Misty Edgecomb and Chris McGuire at The Nature Conservancy’s Boston office and to biologists Bill Hoffman, Doug Zemeckis, Jeff Kneebone and Brad Schondelmeier—and the fishermen-- in their efforts to bring me aboard to show their methods.